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A stainless steel cut shot abrasive failure process and the abrasive wear behavior of

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Today we find our professionals and share "stainless steel cut shot abrasive failure process and the abrasive wear behavior and action", the reason that we find this company because it is the largest local professional well-known stainless steel cut shot | polishing pill manufacturers, come have a look.

Stainless steel cut shots have reinforced steel surface, while the stainless steel cut shots are steel surface etching effect. Mixed abrasive stainless steel cut shots and stainless steel cut pill (usually stainless steel cut pillhardness of 40 ~ 50 HRC, the stainless steel cut pill hardness of 50 ~ 60 HRC can be used for a variety of steelsurface, even if it is used in the surface of steel grade C and grade D corrosion, rust removal effect is also very good. Bearing unloading stainless steel cut pill box is arranged top column and the sliding fit in the sand box, asand box, sand box is arranged at the lower part of the spout and a sealing cover. The operation is convenient,and the support area is larger, on the support platform can be stably bearing. When the structure isassembled, the support after the completion of the task, just open the beans, sand box sand will be in theweight of discharge, because of the beans is smaller, so the unloading speed is very slow, and the nozzlesealing cover at any time according to need to cover, achieve on-demand relief, to meet the needs of practical production. Size stainless steel cut shots for 0.350.45mm, size stainless steel cut shots for 0.3mm0.4mm. Using the method of stainless steel surface descaling abrasive blasting parameter adjustment is: will the shot blastingcoefficient is reduced to 1.2 - 1.3 and timely and polishing head to reduce speed to 1850 rpm to 1900 rpm;related process adjustment: in the stable stage using abrasive, gradually increase the heating temperature, theplate temperature reached 1125 degrees 1145 C, reduced pressure and water pressure cleaning brush roller.Stainless steel pill

The failure process of abrasive and abrasive wear behavior can be divided into two processes: one is in theblade entrance relative blade abrasive sliding and rolling of leaves, when to exit, under the action of centrifugal force by the maximum pressure abrasive, stainless steel cut shot abrasive accelerated to 60 ~ 80m/s was thrown out, in this process, the low hardness abrasive under the action of pressure local deformation, and wasmicro cutting the leaves and gravel material spalling, high hardness abrasive under pressure, can make themicro cracks formed in the solidification and cooling process in the production of further expansion, resulting inmaterial brittle cracking or spalling; two is a when high speed impact abrasive abrasive workpiece, the kinetic energy (impact energy), one part is the workpiece absorption, so that the workpiece surface magazine off ordeformed, the other part make stainless steel cut shot abrasive self absorption, i.e., exposure to low hardness of the abrasive and the workpiece deformation work hardening happened in an instant, the gravel surface andworkpiece also generates a micro cutting effect of abrasive, the material spalling. High hardness abrasive and workpiece contact moment, micro cracks expansion can lead to make the surface material, brittle cracking or spalling. A circular cast stainless steel cutting pills can be used to clean up the soft, non ferrous castings and iron castings. Stainless steel cut shots from first to last all remains angular line, so it can be used in sand oretching of metal surface cleaning adhesion large rust, sintering. Such as metal tube cover rubber pretreatmentavailable cast stainless steel cut shot etching, in order to increase the surface area and adhesion.

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