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On dealing with the strengthening steel shot introduction

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The processing technology and processing equipment according to the surface of the reinforced steel shotrequire processing by three different parameters to control the surface condition of the treated. The choice ofmaterial size and shape; the speed of walking device; material flow size. The above three parameters with each other, can be different processing effect, ensure the strengthening steel shot after the treatment of the ideal surface roughness.

Strengthen Gangwan machine by means of mechanical method pill material (steel shot or grit) at a high speedand a certain angle projection onto the working surface, make pill material impact work surface, and then inside the machine through the air cleaning cleaner matching, pill material and impurity cleaning down respectively,recovery, and the pellets can recycling technology. Strengthen Gangwan machine equipped with a dust collector, can clean, no pollution of construction, which improves the efficiency, and Protect environment.Strengthen Gangwan machine according to the walking forms can be divided into three kinds: hand push type,vehicle type and self-propelled.

Strengthen Gangwan machine operation by controlling the particle size, shape and the selection of material,and adjust and set the machine walking speed, control material projectile flow, get different projectile strength,obtained with different surface treatment effect.

Stainless steel wire round pill

The chemical composition of carbon (C) less than or equal to 0.12% Mn (Mn) less than or equal to 2% silicon(Si) less than or equal to 1% Cr (Cr) 17 ~ 19% Ni (Ni) 7 ~ 10% sulfur (S) = 0.03% P (P) = 0.035%

The average hardness (determination of 500g load) of 41 ~ 59HRC (388 ~ 509HV)

The deviation of hardness

The strengthening steel shot the maximum deviation range is + 1.0HRC or + 40HV

The microstructure of longitudinal (uniform deformation Austrian light body) transverse (uniform deformationAustrian light body) minimum density (determination of alcohol replacement) 7.8g/cm3