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Atomization Shot

Atomization Shot


Name: atomized stainless steel balls, also known as: atomization pill, spray steel shot, stainless steel atomizer pill, cast stainless steel balls
Production process: after melting atomization atomization cooled stainless steel balls. The production process is that, first of all stainless steel material on the metal furnace heating, let it melt into liquid metal in the furnace, the molten metal is then poured into the atomizing device, there are key components of the atomizing device production of stainless steel pill atomizing nozzle, coming out from the high-pressure atomizing nozzle atomizing medium speed, impact which molten metal, the right to use the liquid metal dispersed into numerous small metal droplets, the metal droplets in flight during landing, quickly condenses into small metal particles, if the particles are spherical, that is atomized stainless steel shot up.
○ a bright appearance, hardness, long life, no rust, rounded;
○ b descaling, deburring, surface integrity processing, strengthening the matrix, conceal defects, after processing the workpiece has matte effect, highlighting the metal color, no rust;
○ c processing the same number of parts, the consumption of atomized stainless steel shot at least. Resulting in minimal waste, clean-up costs are low;
Consumption: polished every ton of aluminum alloy castings, stainless steel balls atomized consumption less than 2 kg, compared with other abrasives.
1000 kg alumina emery only about 70 kg of atomized stainless steel shot
1000 kg of glass beads is only equivalent to 10 kg of atomized stainless steel shot
1000 kg of ordinary steel shot only about 500 kg of atomized stainless steel shot
○ d with atomized stainless steel shot blast after the workpiece without pickling rust.
Specifications: 0.05mm-2.0mm other custom specifications
Application: Widely used in aluminum castings and copper, zinc casting surface finishing treatment, sandblasting various metal surface polishing, casting burrs except the workpiece, burrs, the blade surface, casting sandblasting surface grinding and other products. The product allows you to smooth, smooth, shiny, achieve whitening results.
Inner packing: 25kg / bag lining bag.
Packing: nylon bags, paper bags, paper boxes.
Whole ton Packaging: pallet or ton bag.