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Aluminum pill

Aluminum pill


Name: Aluminum pill also known as: aluminum cut wire shot, aluminum wire grinding balls, aluminum sand, aluminum particles.
Production process: the use of drawing, cutting, rounding and other refining process.
Bright appearance, light weight aluminum balls, low hardness, corrosion resistance, can be cast without wear surface of the product at the same time, on the surface has a significant whitening effect.
Product parameters:

Specifications: 0.2mm-3.0mm
1, metal casting, precision castings, hardware tools, machinery, auto parts, instruments, valves and other industries descaling, deburring, eliminate surface defects, to stress, etching, matte effects, smooth strengthen, before spraying rust and other surface treatment.
2, used in aluminum, zinc or thin-walled workpiece surface polishing spray treatment, and non-ferrous metal trimming and deburring. On the workpiece surface has a significant whitening effect.
Inner packing: 10kg / bag lining bag.
Packing: nylon bags, paper bags, paper boxes.
Whole ton Packaging: pallet or ton bag.