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Steel Shot

Steel Shot


Name: steel balls (Cast Steel Shot), also known as: Shot (Steel Shot) Shot Abrasive (Steel Abrasives), projectile, steel balls, steel shot, steel shot, also known as abrasive blasting, abrasive blasting machine , blasting materials, shot blasting abrasive blast material, abrasive blasting, abrasive blasting, sandblasting supplies, abrasive blasting machine, shot blasting abrasive blasting is ideal for shot blasting, shot peening metal abrasive.
Cast iron pills and iron pills are pills alternative products, for roller, chain, hook type, crawler, by type, rotary, product release type, stepper, trolley type shot blasting machine, polishing pill cleaning machine, shot blasting equipment, blasting machines, spray blasting, shot peening equipment, sandblasting machine, blasting equipment, steel pretreatment production line, steel pretreatment production line, steel pretreatment production line of metal abrasives.
Steel pill types:
(1) Steel pill
The hardness of the steel balls are generally HRC40 ~ 50, machining of hard metals can be increased hardness to HRC57 ~ 62. Their toughness is good, life is several times the iron pills, widely used.
(2) iron pills
Iron pills hardness HRC58 ~ 65, very crisp, very fragile, short-lived, the application is not widespread. Mainly for demanding shot peening intensity place.
My company provides the above two steel balls.
Production process: The selection of raw materials, scrap metals, and the best ratio of alloy addition, the electric furnace smelting, modern equipment into a steel shot, pill formation heated again to purify homogeneous, and after repeated electric treatment, Pills body after quenching in the furnace for drying and re-heated in order to achieve the proper tempering hardness, tempered steel shot was sorting through a mechanical sieve into line with the standard SAE 11 grade for shot blasting equipment. In the process of the liquid metal particles formed in the steel, its chemical composition, particle size are strictly controlled, to ensure that its mechanical properties meet various purposes. Every aspect of production has the most stringent quality management, production of steel shot inside organized, easily broken, uniform particle size distribution, with the appropriate hardness, impact resistance, long life.
○ a moderate hardness, toughness, impact resistance, long life, up to 2000-2900 times, rebound well, clean up the speed, low consumption, not broken, clean up fast, good technical effect;
○ b by steel balls treated metal surface cleanliness up to GB / T8923-1989; surface roughness of Rz = 10--150μm, thereby increasing the specific surface area of ??the metal surface of the surface to improve the surface adhesion of the coating after the coating , with a very significant economic benefits, is currently the most advanced, the best throw and reinforced with metal blast cleaning abrasive blasting;
Product parameters:
Specifications: 0.05-3.0mm provided within the scope of various sizes, but also for a special screening of the special requirements of users
Adaptation process range: front surface coating pretreatment; casting sand; pipeline cleaning, etc;
Shot blast cleaning cleanup, shot blasting, casting cleaning, blast cleaning castings, forgings, shot blasting, shot blasting casting sand forgings, steel cleaning, steel cleaning, cleaning up steel, H-beam cleaning, steel cleaning. ;
Shot blasting shot blasting, shot blasting, rust castings, forgings, rust, rust steel forgings descaling rust steel, H-shaped steel rust, steel rust;
Shot Blasting strengthen strengthening, heat treatment pieces of shot peening, shot peening gear;
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Shot a sand play sand;
Shot preconditioning treatment before painting, coating pretreatment, surface preparation, pretreatment Ship, steel pretreatment, pretreatment of steel, steel pretreatment, before the steel processing;
Inner packing: 25kg / bag lining bag.
Packing: nylon bags, paper bags, paper boxes.
Whole ton Packaging: pallet or ton bag.